About Us

TMG is an Agricultural Management Company that aims to develop and enhance productivity in the agribusiness supply chain through successful investments and professional business management. TMG is an operator, advisor and investor offering quality services to clients in the agricultural sector.

Our Vision

To be the best agricultural supply chain management company in East and Central Africa

Our Mission

To enhance agricultural productivity through successful management. of agricultural supply chains

Our Core Values

TMG’s operations are guided by core values that influence our decisions, attitudes, behaviours and performance. They are:


Everything we do, we do with integrity, since we have a responsibility to operate in the best interests of our clients, owners and founders.


Investing in agriculture can be a risky and an uncertain endeavour. We believe that transparency is the key to successful implementation and management of agribusiness supply chains. 


At TMG, we believe that innovation key to our existence. We are keen on supporting and rewarding cutting-edge research in agriculture. This is mainly centred around simple innovations that revolutionize the way we do business.  


We conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner. We support universal human rights, protect the environment and benefit communities where we work.