Current Projects

We currently have three ongoing projects. They are:

Sugarcane Supply Chain Management

The project seeks to bridge the gap between farmers and sugarcane millers in the sugar belt region of Western Kenya.

According to the project leader, the current sugarcane supply crisis is mainly due to mistrust between farmers and milling companies.

TMG is coming in to restore this trust through the provision of investments, advisory services and development of systems that would ensure transparency throughout the sugarcane supply chain.

Geoffrey Wawire

Project Leader

Viwanda Project

TMG is currently developing the first agricultural supply chain management system that uses block chain technology. The project dabbed Viwanda (Swahili for industries) utilizes the massive data generated by the sugarcane project to develop a system that will improve transparency among agricultural supply chain stakeholders. As the project leader puts it, “the system is simply going to change the way we trust when transacting business

Joshua Wafula

Project Leader

Young Entrepreneurs Project

One of the key pillars of TMG is the sustainability of its initiatives. We are now training young entrepreneurs, with interest in agricultural supply chain management, on how to generate simple and affordable technologies that can be adopted by different stakeholders along the agricultural supply chain. The objective is to support and award the best performing technologies across East and Central Africa.

Zephaniah Randiki

Project Leader